Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guiseppe's Pizza and Restaurant, Walden NY

I went to Guiseppe's a month ago. The place was very clean and so was the bathroom. When I went to inspect the bathroom, I rated it as a 10. After I inspected it, I went on and on about how cool it was. It was clean, it was neat. It was medium sized. It's a one person bathroom, and it was tan. It was decorated nicely and it had a little flower on the wall. The eating part of the restaurant was nice too. It had the same colors as the bathroom. They have good pizza. So go to Guiseppe's Pizza.

Marcelino's Pizza, VailsGate NY

I went to Marcelino's with my family and I went to the bathroom after I ordered my food. The bathroom is small and kind of dirty. If you go there, get pizza or shrimp.