Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alexis Diner, 9W, Newburgh

I wasn't at the Alexis Diner today, but I went there recently. I want to write about it now because it's the top bathroom I've ever reviewed. The bathroom is very big, it has alot of urinals. It has nice, clean faucets and the soap smells good. It has 1 stall that is roomy. It has music and the floor, ceiling, and walls are very shiny marble. It has a big door to enter the bathroom. It's always like that whenever we go there.
The normal eating part of the restaurant has shiny marble too. There are nice waiters and they are very helpful. Some advice...try the chicken tenders, THEY'RE REALLY GOOD! When you go out for dinner, go to the Alexis Diner, IT'S GOOD.

Burger Boyz, Broadway, Newburgh

Today my family and I went to lunch at Burger Boyz. I reviewed their bathroom and it was bad. The toilet seat was very loose, dirty, and wobbly, the soap wouldn't come out, and the water pressure was way to powerful. At least the food was was better than the bathroom. It is a 1 person bathroom, and I hate 1 person bathrooms!
On a different note, the interior decor in the normal eating place is way better than then the bathroom. Some pictures like the the hamberger, and the peice of pizza have faces, the hamburger bun has a face and the pizza has a face on the delicious cheese,oh and don't go to the bathroom their, BY!